Okay, I’m really bad at this and I’m several months behind but dammit I’m not giving up!  Finishing up wiring everything in the control panel was a pain but hey I took some pictures along the way!

The big picture

The big picture

So easy a child could do it!
PIDs wired up
PIDs wired up
More slow progress
More slow progress
Beautiful organized wires
Look at the right angles

After getting the inside all wired up, a big shout out to my Dad who finished up wiring all the 3 way switches and temp probes solo, we mounted it to the wall in the garage next to the 50 amp service and plugged it in!

Hanging out in its new home
Houston we are go for launch
Look it reads temperatures!
Next stop water test

Nothing blew up and no one got electrocuted so I call it a success! Everything powered up and seemed to function as intended which was a great surprise.  After getting some labels stuck to the control panel, hoses cut and drinking water hoses purchased it will be time for a trial water run!


2 thoughts on “Eureka!

  1. Having completed the panel would you buy a prebuilt one if you were doing it again? Im trying to decide between the 30A Kit or the prebuilt is why I ask.

    1. Well I think its worth the money to get the pre built one, the amount of time it took us to get the panel together was more than I imagined it would be. I do appreciate the knowledge I gained while putting it together which I think going forward if I wanted to change anything or have to replace any parts I would feel confident doing so. I suppose if I didn’t think I was going to make any changes I would opt for the prebulit one.

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