Playing catch up!

I think one of these days I’ll start one of these posts without apologizing for it being so long since my last one but it is what it is! I’ve had the opportunity to brew a couple of times now but for the sake of documenting the journey I want to get some pictures and words up on the steps that I’ve taken so far.

After getting the panel setup and I wanted to run all the equipment through its paces with water before the actual brew day. Also it gave us a good opportunity to mark up the sight glass.  Additionally before using the equipment we passivated the stainless steel as per the recommendations from Stout Tanks. We used a citric acid solution and barkeepers friend to get the job done. This removes any contaminants on the outer layer of the vessels and allows the chromium to re-oxidize and provides a protective layer for the stainless steel.




After that it was pulling out fittings, hoses and pumps to see if what the brew day might look like.


Didn’t get the pumps hooked up to the control panel properly but we made do!


Took some fenageling to get the pumps figured out and in all honesty still something I’m working on.


Get to see the sparge arm in action finally!


Had to check to make sure we have fittings for all the things that we need, so excited to ferment in stainless steel and in a conical fermentor.


Held on to this beer for awhile and decided it was time to celebrate with something memorable. Ale Apothecary makes phenomenally complex and delicious beer.  Everything from their location to their process is unique and they have something special going on up there. If you get the chance to try anything form there don’t pass it up!


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