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Is this thing still on…

Sorry everyone I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything but I’ve had some exciting new developments and thought I needed to share with everyone!  On Christmas I became the proud new owner of some new stout tanks 1 barrel kettles!  My partners (aka my parents) surprised me with these shinny beauties on Christmas morning!IMG_20141225_083434 From left to right in the picture there is the Hot Liquor Tank (HLT), Mash Tun (MT) and the Boil Kettle (BK).  Also there is a pile of sanitary tri clamp fittings!  There are extra ports in the HLT and the BK for installing hot water heating elements so this will be 100% electrical heated system.   IMG_20141225_083447  Everything will work on 1 1/2″ TC fittings. It is set up for reducing down to 1/2″ hose but we are going to look into possibly sizing everything to be 1″ and upgrading to butterfly valves instead of ball valves. IMG_20141225_083502Inside of the HLT is a stainless steel HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System) coil.  While mashing this gives me the flexibility to to change the temperature (or hold it constant) of the mash by pumping the wort through the coil while there is hot water in the rest of the HLT.IMG_20141225_083518Sorry for the blurry picture but this is the inside of the MT.  There are 3 ports on top for recirculating wort and attaching a sparge arm.  The sparge arm will sit above the grain bed and after mashing is done it will sprinkle hot water evenly over the grain bed to properly rinse and collect as much wort as possible.  The bottom has a perforated false bottom for separating the grain and wort. IMG_20141225_083625I should probably not be so excited for the bottom of the MT but it has a center drain which will eliminate dead space and allow for more wort to be collected.IMG_20141225_083609

The BK has a fancy tangential outlet (the one on the side) that is used for whirlpooling.  This allows for the wort to be pumped out and back through the tangential outlet that will cause the wort in the kettle to rotate.  This whirlpooling helps clarify the wort before its transferred to a fermenter, its also allows for a great time to add more hops!!

Now that the bulk of the brewing systems there is a wide variety of additional things to get before the inaugural batch of beer can be brewed.  Since there will be a electrical heating elements installed in the kettles components for a control panel need to be purchased so it will be easy to control the temperatures of the water and wort during brewing.  There will also be pumps, hoses, chillers, fermenters, kegs, filters, fittings and a whole host of other things to purchase so stay tuned for more updates hopefully fully of shinny stainless steel Things.  Cheers and happy new years!





First steps

Thank you everyone who has been following along and the kind words and support you’ve already offered!  I thought I would try to elaborate a little on what my initial timeline is looking like.  Also I am happy to report that I’ve filled articles of organization for Broken Oak Brewing LLC and have registered with the IRS for an Employer Identification Number!!  Having an EIN allows me to do fun things like pay taxes and open a bank account!

The next step toward being able to sell beer is working towards getting approval through the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).  Getting approval through the TTB requires compliance with of lots of different regulations regarding the physical structure where you are planning to have the brewery, environmental impact and how you are going safeguard your beer for proper taxation.  Part of submitting for a license is having complete plans for the layout of your brewery, including the equipment you going to use.

After submitting the paperwork to the TTB you then have to wait to hear if you are approved which is on average a 90 day waiting period.  It seems that there is a wide range of experiences with the TTB both good and bad so cross your fingers that when the time comes I end up having a positive experience with the TTB agent.

Once paperwork has been submitted to the TTB I will also file to get approval through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission which carries its own specific requirements.  Currently the plan is to file as a brew pub because in Oregon this allows you to self distribute beer as well as sell beer on premise for consumption regardless if you are actually planning on serving food or not.  Oregon is one of a handful of other states with reasonable regulations where this is possible which is another reason why the nano industry is so successful here.

In addition to both the TTB and the OLCC to open a brewery you also have to file with the Food and Drug Administration.  Filing with the FDA is pretty straight forward and free (yay!) but its another hoop to jump through. The TTB and the OLCC both collect excise tax on any finished beer that is sold so even after getting approval through both agencies they will be actively involved during the life of the brewery.

After the these steps are complete then it will finally be legal to brew beer commercially.  Add a couple of months after this for to have beer ready for drinking then bring on the grand opening!  Looking at it all seems daunting and figuring out all of the specifics needed to make everyone happy is headache inducing but in the end it will be well worth it.

As far as when all this will get accomplished is hard to pin down.  Our immediate goals are to figure what we are going to need to do to the barn to get it up to code for brewing. We are going to reach out to local OLCC officials and the county planning office to see advice and information they might be able to provide.  Some other major obstacles we’ll have to overcome is the lack of water and sewer available to the barn and bringing the electrical up to code.  Ideally while we are working on improving the barn we’ll keep an eye for used brewing and restaurant equipment that we can pick up.